Web Site FAQ


One of the first questions people always ask us is “why do I need a web site and how much does it cost?”

You need a web site because it is essentially the face of your business or hobby that the rest of the world sees. It’s your first impression on the rest of the world. If you are a doctor or a lawyer, you need to have information posted on your web site for your clients and patients that help them to gain information about you and your practice, how you handle cases, what type of therapy you may provide, and even to book appointments.

You can sell your products, list your events, showcase your talents, give your opinion on the matters of the world, but no matter what you do, you need a web site to capture an audience that is just waiting to find you.

You need a professional to help you get there.

Web sites are like automobiles, they come in all shapes and sizes, they have different options, and the price depends on all of the above.

It’s possible to purchase a used car for under 5k, and it will most likely get the job done and provide adequate transportation, or you can buy a high end BMW for 80k plus – the same rules hold true for your web site.

The items below can have an impact on your projects cost:

  • Graphic design (what are the look and feel requirements?)
  • Site size (how many pages will the site contain?)
  • Project scope (what type of information will the site pages contain?)
  • Special functionality (are there any special services that the site will provide?)
  • Site traffic volume (how many visitors is the site expected to handle?)
  • Custom business logic (will there be the need for programming special new features specifically for this project?)
  • Development timetable (what is the site’s expected launch date?)
  • Project team (will the client guide the project by a committee or a single point of contact?)
  • Integration (will the site need to connect to any other pieces of software?)

How many times have you gone to the super market in your neighborhood and before you know it, you’ve spent $300.00 on nothing? I bet you didn’t have a list and didn’t plan your shopping.

Psychologists say that shoppers who plan their trips to the supermarket by assembling a list in advance are more likely to purchase the items they need and stick to the budget they expect.

On the other hand shoppers who just walk from isle to isle spend more money and sometimes purchase items they really don’t need.

In the same way, any web development project should be planned well in advance to ensure that the goals, scope, budget and timeline are appropriate and achievable.We help our clients plan their project, steer them towards what we think they need, and keep them away from those things that may be unnecessary and costly to achieve their goals.

Start with a Plan

Draw up your shopping list, look at other web sites, note what you like and what you don’t like about the sites you are visiting. Do you need e-commerce? Video? A Blog? What colors do you like? Do you need a logo? How much content do I have?

Here at INNERCONX we think that planning is one of the most important phases of web development. We listen to what you have to say, we learn about your business and then we guide you through the maze of Internet confusion.

Contact Us for more information and specific planning and advice.